Smart HVAC is the way forward for mass adoption of Efficient Air-Conditioning Systems

All those, who can afford, live in a temperature regulated world. Turning our radiators even in mild winters and switching to air-con in not so hot summers has become a norm. The extremities of temperatures coupled with rising incomes are resulting in even more adoption of heating or cooling system. The phenomenon is global and growth is expected to accelerate in coming decades.

We all know that heating or cooling a building contributes to greenhouse emissions. The contribution is both direct and indirect. The refrigerant emission directly affects the environment and fossil fuel combustion for power generation is the indirect contributor.

Cielo smarthvac is an effort to promote smartness for HVAC products so that the efficiency benchmarks to tackle greenhouse emissions can be tackled without compromising the comforts of end users.

Old systems are energy hungry but their replacements are not gaining much roots in consumers. Smart, connected HVAC system are the best option for both manufacturers and end users.

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