Why We Love Ductless (And You Should, Too!)

Thanks to advances in HVAC technology, split ductless air conditioning has become the choice for homes and businesses where traditional cooling systems cannot be feasibly installed. Split Ductless Air Conditioners comprise of an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air handler. These ductless systems work in a similar way to central air systems but on a smaller scale.

Advantages are manifold, which include:

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Increased efficiency
  • Big-time savings
  • Minimal noise
  • Compact size
  • Versatility
  • Cleaner and greener

As per Energy.gov, “The main advantages of mini splits are their small size and flexibility for zoning or heating and cooling individual rooms. Many models can have as many as four indoor air handling units (for four zones or rooms) connected to one outdoor unit. The number depends on how much heating or cooling is required for the building or each zone (which in turn is affected by how well the building is insulated). Each of the zones will have its own thermostat, so you only need to condition that space when it is occupied, saving energy and money.”

Ductless mini split systems are also often easier to install than other types of space conditioning systems. For example, the hook-up between the outdoor and indoor units generally requires only a three-inch (~8 centimeter [cm]) hole through a wall for the conduit. Also, most manufacturers of this type of system can provide a variety of lengths of connecting conduits. So, if necessary, you can locate the outdoor unit as far away as 50 feet (~15 meters [m]) from the indoor evaporator. This makes it possible to cool rooms on the front side of a building house with the compressor in a more advantageous or inconspicuous place on the outside of the building.

Your cooling/heating system is an important piece in ensuring the comfort of your home, and there are a lot of options to consider. There is a vast range of different types of ductless air conditioners out there, and you want to make sure that you take the time to research the options that are available to you–you don’t want to miss something that can help you! While these particular systems are often overlooked, the above mentioned advantages to ductless air conditioners demonstrate why you should not ignore them as a viable option.

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